Check-in/out & guest lists for greek & college parties

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Share & invite through any app

Invites can be sent in-app, or through any other app by using single-use and multi-use links - both helping out in different ways. Want to invite a group via a messaging app (e.g. GroupMe, Messenger, WhatsApp) - use a multi. Got a specific person in mind - use a single.

Check-in & check-out guests

Scan in guests with unique QR codes. You choose if anyone can scan in (open door) or if they need to have an invite first. When they leave your party, check them out. Both check-in and check-out times are recorded in your guest list.

Export your guest lists

Whenever you need it, guest lists are ready to export. You'll see who turned up, their age, when they checked-in and when you checked them out.

Discover & attend other parties on campus

Each campus has their own feed of parties. Scroll through the feed to discover, request invites to and attend other parties. Circle is the only app and ticket you need for parties on your campus.

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